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Led Zeppelin // Ramble On

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Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated in shortly before his death.
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A little fun triangle pose variation that looks better from the back. πŸ˜πŸ˜›


He’s My Thing - Babes in Toyland


so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

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She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart. There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing


the photoset looked so much better anyway smh

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Sonic Youth, Government Issue & Gone @ The Complex. 1986
<---DONT REMOVE---->